Wounded Warrior Program



Braxton Bragg AUSA Chapter is currently accepting applications from Wounded Warriors to ease financial burdens not covered by the Army or other agencies. This chapter recognizes that Wounded Warriors and their Families face challenges and special needs not anticipated by the Army or the Soldier. The Wounded Warrior Grant Program has been initiated to support those who have sacrificed their well being, Families and quality of life with financial grants to mitigate the cost of essential necessities. We encourage you to fill out the grant form thoroughly and send collaborating documents so time will not be wasted waiting for necessary forms.


While all final decisions on grants rest with the board of directors, the financial assistance committee will evaluate each application and make their recommendation to the board of directors based on the following general guidelines.

In considering the merits of an application, several matters are evaluated:

• Are the Soldier and Family assigned to Fort Bragg and/ or under treatment at Walter Reed Medical Center?

• Has the Service Member received a grant from the association before?

• Is this service or expense covered by the military?

• Has every other funding source been exhausted?

• Is this need funded or subsidized by other foundations, agencies or individuals?


In determining priorities of grants, consideration is given to:

• Documentation provided

• Seriousness of the problem being addressed and necessity for action

• Actions of other funding sources

The amount of each grant awarded will be based on the needs of the recipient and their Families. Grants will not cover personal credit card debt, personal loans, child support, relocation expenses, legal fees or non-essential debt (parking tickets, cable, etc.).



Grants are not cash awards. All documentation will be returned to applicant to the address specified in the application. All grants will be made in accordance with the laws governing private organizations and the recipient’s eligible to receive grants. If between the time of requesting a grant and the payment(s) thereof any event of a substantial nature changes the grant seeker must inform the association immediately.


Please Click Wounded Warrior Grant Application for our Wounded Warrior Grant Application.

Please E-mail the completed form to hbraxtonbraggc@nc.rr.com or fax to us at: 910.396.6839