Braxton Bragg Guardian Program

Braxton Bragg Chapter Guardian Program 

Mission:  Ensure the welfare of Soldiers and Soldier Families are fulfilled through the Bragg Guardian connection between Fort Bragg and the Greater Fayetteville community.

Vision:  The Braxton Bragg Chapter is committed to providing the Soldiers and Soldier Family members of the Fort Bragg Community with a premier Unit/Family Readiness Group (FRG) adoption program by linking loyal Braxton Bragg Chapter Corporate Members with designated Fort Bragg Units and their respective FRG.  Through the Bragg Guardian program, the Braxton Bragg Chapter will honor the commitments, sacrifices, selfless service and courage displayed by Soldiers and Soldier Families. 

Commitment of Bragg Chapter Corporate Members:

Many Corporate Members of the Braxton Bragg Chapter desire to give back to the Soldiers and Soldier Families of Fort Bragg.  The Bragg Guardian program provides an opportunity for Braxton Bragg Chapter Corporate Members to give thanks to Soldiers and Soldier Families, while also giving the corporate member the opportunity to learn more about the functioning of today’s Army.

•  Corporate member will be assigned to a Unit and the attached FRG that is commensurate to the capacity of the corporate member’s organization.

•  Corporate member will attend at least one meeting with the assigned Unit/FRG leadership each month. 

•  Corporate member will provide support and assistance for projects and programs linking the respective Units/FRGs with the Fayetteville Community.  This assistance, while not necessarily monetary, includes, but is not limited to, acting as a community advocate, helping Units/FRGs with Community fundraisers, assisting with Unit/FRG organizational days and embracing FRGs during Unit Deployment.

•  Corporate member will be the Bragg Guardian Ambassador to new Soldiers and Soldier Families to the Fort Bragg and Greater Fayetteville Community.

•  Corporate member will provide feedback & activity reports to Braxton Bragg Chapter AUSA EXCOM.

•  Corporate member will encourage Unit/FRG participation in Chapter and community activities.

Commitment of Units and Family Readiness Groups:

Many Units and FRGs want to link with the Fayetteville community.  This program seeks to provide the Fort Bragg Units/FRGs with the necessary support from the Fayetteville community. 

•  Unit and FRG agree to participate in program.

•  Unit and FRG will invite Bragg Guardian Liaison to at least one unit meeting, organizational day, or other appropriate activity per month. 

•  Unit will commit to supporting Braxton Bragg Chapter Activities.

•  Unit/FRG will learn how AUSA will enrich career development and be the local and national voice for Soldiers and Soldier Families.


For more information please email us at: or 910.396.3755