Why join AUSA?

Discount Card

Whether you are Active, National Guard, Army Reserve, a Government Civilian, a Retiree, a Cadet, a Family Member or a concerned civilian, AUSA speaks out on Capitol Hill on issues that directly affect you.

Membership in AUSA can provide you with many benefits.

 As a new member of Braxton Bragg AUSA, you will shortly receive a Merchant Discount Card in the mail entitling you to various discounts here in the Fort Bragg and surrounding area.

But that is just the start of the benefits you will receive. Listed below are just a few. 


Provide professional development opportunities
Keeps you updated on what is going with YOUR Army
Speaks out on issues such as pay, health care and modernization

Army National Guard

Speaks out on Full-Time manning issues and lowering the retirement age
Takes care of your families while you are deployed

Army Reserve

Speaks out on giving Reservists comparable compensation to their counterparts on Active Duty
Takes care of your families while you are deployed

Government Civilian

AUSA is your professional association.
Speaks out on pay raises and improvement in training


Keeps you updated on what is happening in YOUR Army. Once a Soldier – Always a Soldier!
Keeps TRICARE Co-pays and Deductibles from going up.


Provides professional development materials
Enriches your career


Helps you give something back to our brave men and women who serve this country
Helps you show your support for a strong national defense
Keeps you updated on what is happening in the Army

Family Members

Your membership will help ensure that your loved ones is taken care of
Helps show your support of your loved one
Click here to learn about the AUSA Family Programs


Click Here For Our National Website and Instant Membership Application. 


To Join Through The Braxton Bragg Website:

Click here and join Braxton Bragg Chapter online today.


You may join Braxton Bragg Chapter by downloading  the application, filling it out and mailing it to AUSA,  Braxton Bragg Association of the US Army, Post Office Box 70036, Fort Bragg, North Carolina 28307

Corporate Memberships

For Corporate Memberships, please print and fill out this form.