Board of Directors

Sharon Lewis   President
George Quigley   Immediate Past President
Bobby Suggs   AUSA State President
Adam Morris   Treasurer
Michael Deveault   Secretary
Joseph W. Adamczyk   VP Administration
Roger Vickers   VP Individual Membership
Andrew McFowler   VP Awards
Amy Martinez   VP Corporate Membership
Maria A. Rizzotto   VP Programs
Charles E. Pimble  VP DOD Civilian Affairs
Rob McBride  VP Raffle Activities
Wally Wallace  VP Guard and Reserve Affairs
Marissa Wentling VP Family Support Activities
Emmitt Spurgeon
 VP Resolutions & Legislative Affairs
William Shiflett VP Accessions Command Activities
Mark A. Acker VP Symposium/EXPO
Willie Wright VP Retiree and Veterans Affairs
Rodney Anderson
VP Scholarships and Resources
Cristino Nunez VP NCO & Enlisted Affairs
Rodney Anderson Chairman – Community Outreach
Kelly O’Neil Chairman – Wounded Warrior Programs
Gary R. Kirschenman Assistant Secretary/Liaison